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Letter: Trump steers America toward bankruptcy

Be careful, everyone who doesn't like protestors, or who wants to legalize running them down with a car, like our North Dakota Legislature is contemplating.

Our ancestors were afforded religious freedom away from religious persecution. It is why they moved here.

We do not get to persecute our fellow citizens if their beliefs differ from ours. And the press does not have to "shut up," as one of Trump's minions would prefer.

We are sliding into fascism with surprising speed. Congress and the state legislatures are not doing their jobs of protecting our constitutional rights. They are passing on their duties, because they are comfortable with their appointments.

Out here in the regular world, some lawmakers' actions are promoting fear and hatred, not open-mindedness and tolerance. I may have very strong feelings against a religion and may not want to tolerate different lifestyles or skin colors. But being a citizen of this country, it is my duty to protect and tolerate others, not force my narrow vision onto them.

Those are my dues to live in a democracy and not a fascist regime.

I congratulate every person standing up and saying, "Not in my country." Remember, President Trump's business practices mean pushing companies into bankruptcy by restructuring, then taking a huge compensation package and leaving. And never showing anyone the financials, ever.

Tigers don't change their spots, and Trump is getting ready to bankrupt this nation. With all of these distractions going on, let's keep our eyes on the treasury and the Constitution.

Ellen Brehmer

Grand Forks