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LETTER: A TEA Party for students: Tested Enough Already

I have to disagree with the Herald's editorial that suggested North Dakota students should have to pass a citizenship test in order to graduate ("Who said, 'Four score and seven years ago'?" Page A4, Dec. 11).

I don't believe that it should be necessary for students to pass this test.

Students today already have to take so many standardized tests This other requirement shouldn't be added to their plate, too. High school is a stressful time, and this would just add to the stress and the workload that students have.

Also, North Dakota students already have to take history and government classes, so the students do learn the information on the test. Forcing them to take a citizenship test would just cost the schools more time and money.

These are needless increases, because the information is already being taught.

Most high school students aren't even old enough to vote, and you can't justify forcing students to pass a citizenship test if they aren't even old enough to put the information into action. It is a citizen's duty to vote, but it isn't a requirement. How can we make this test mandatory in high school if it isn't even mandatory for all our citizens?

This is just another way to try to regulate education and force educators to comply with more rules. Teachers today have so many guidelines and regulations that they have very little freedom left. This test would just hinder them even more.

Christopher Rokke

Grand Forks