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Marv Hanson, Grand Forks, N.D. letter: Michelle Obama supports anti-gun agenda

GRAND FORKS — If you saw Michelle Obama flashing her AARP card, you now know she officially is on record as trying to destroy the U.S. Constitution that her husband has sworn to uphold.

The Second Amendment is part of the Constitution, and AARP actively uses membership dollars to lobby against it.

The AARP does not believe that anyone over 50 has the capacity to safely handle a firearm, nor should those people have the right to try to protect their homes and families against gangs, druggies or any other “vermin.”

And the organization was not scared to admit it to me many years ago, when I got the first propaganda from them. They admitted that membership dollars are used to try to change the Constitution — namely, the Second Amendment.

Marv Hanson