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Friends mourn Wyoming men killed in Saturday plane crash near Thief River Falls

MARILYN HAGERTY: Dealing with day lilies is duty of August

The time to think about day lilies and tulips is now. Not next spring.

That’s what I decided when I sat in on a talk by Vince Ames this week. He’s a retired Central High School science teacher who says he “plays” with gardening in retirement. It brings in extra money for him and his wife to use on their travels.

Back to tulips. They symbolize spring. Ames likes to plant them in a mass of the same color. That brings on the look of “Oh wow! Spring is here.”

On the other hand, he suggests, why not get six weeks worth of tulips next spring. “Plant a mixture of early, medium and late blooming bulbs.”

And he says you can do the same with iris.

Day lilies are a pain. You have to break them up periodically or they get too thick.

Butter making

Labor Day weekend arrives with people heading out and others heading into Grand Forks – including a shopping bus from Winnipeg. And the sound of race cars will flow from River City Speedway this evening...

They are offering butter making lessons out at Turtle River State Park this weekend... Along with sessions on apple pie Saturday evening and bees and flowers Sunday evening… And the Farmer Market will be running Saturday morning in Town Square… There’s something different every week, but Terry Kuntz usually is there with his homemade soap… And he has dainty, colorful handmade soap dishes… No telling what will show up this week, but there was corn from the Rognerud Farms near Cavalier and bagels by Two Sisters from Winger Saturday…

Ask Marilyn

Q. What kind of clever license plates have been spotted around here lately?

A. Lots! A red convertible breezed by me on Washington Street the other day with a vanity license plate: LUV RED. Also seen: BIG TEN, DO WORK, WORKPRK and LAKER.

Q. Who is Sharon Bergsgaard?

A. She’s one of the receptionists at the rest stop over by Fisher, Minn. She says people going east on U.S. Highway 2 want to know what to see and do in Bemidji. They want to know about Duluth and North Star Drive. They want to know of the campgrounds, and she has a complete list.

She says a lot of Canadians like the rest stop, and they like the U.S. gas prices.

People traveling west to Grand Forks want to know where to stay and where to camp. They ask for places of interest.

Vance and Marsha

Cheerful people of the week: Vance Taylor, Marsha Ketring.

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