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MARILYN HAGERTY: A few last summer hurrahs

Dear Shirley,

Apples are ripening on the tree in the back yard, and students are back at UND. This is the time of year when everything seems to come alive.

I always have the feeling I should have a cardigan sweater with a pleated skirt and some saddle shoes and go back to college. But that was way back then. And this is now.

This is the time of year when the empty nest syndrome strikes. It affects moms and dads when the last of the crew go off to college.

And we know this, too, will pass.

All it takes is a little time. This weekend, students will have a chance to make a last run home for whatever they forgot when they checked in. There will be people out west to Devils Lake for fish or over to the Minnesota lakes for the last hurrah.

Then next week we will settle down to the serious business of the annual Potato Bowl festivities in Grand Forks. It’s pretty early this year. You remember we always try to set the world’s record for consumption of french-fried potatoes.

Tonight the UND football team is playing at San Jose State. I will have my ear on the radio. I don’t know that my eye will be able to find it on television. Our new coach, Bubba Schweigert, figures the only way to go is up.

Hope all is going well for you and the University of Arizona the land of sunshine and cactus. My heart is filled with gratitude for people who are taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to help the ALS Foundation. We all know the need and the heartbreak of that hideous disease that took our Carol. I am glad that Gladys Hallstrom is organizing an event over in Thief River Falls for Tuesday. She has a neighbor, Larry Jauhola, who was diagnosed with ALS.

Love from your sister Marilyn in the land of spuds and sugar beets.

P.S. I received a notice to sign up for snow removal this week. But you know what, Shirley? I refuse to worry about snow until Labor Day is over. Just as I refuse to shop for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. There is a time for everything, and snow removal is not this week.

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