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MARILYN HAGERTY: Dollars from dining go to combat violence

Dear Shirley,

Dinner was served under sprawling trees with little lights in them. Dessert was in the big kitchen of the old, remodeled farmhouse on Rhinehart Drive in East Grand Forks.

On a nice summer evening in August, there is no place on earth more beautiful than this area they call “the Point” — the general area where the Red and Red Lake Rivers join.

The dinner is prepared and served by Lisa and Kevin Beste on the farmstead that belonged to her parents, J.R. and Char Absey. Joining in as hosts are Cindy and Daryl Evavold.

The two couples provide the dinner for a couple who bids highest during the auction in the annual June fundraising event for CVIC — Community Violence Intervention Center. That is an event held at Sanders restaurant.

This year, the couple who bid the highest — around $950 — to be hosts for the dinner were Joe and Jenna Zavoral. They invited three other couples and me to join them as guests last Thursday.

The meal was prepared, the food and beverages provided by the Bestes and Evavolds as their annual donation to CVIC.

The two couples go to great lengths to make sure guests feel welcome. There are beverages and hors d’oeuvres beside the summerhouse. And the party moves on to dinner under a sprawling, tree with tiny lights.

Following the salad course, they serve filet mignon to order along with walleye. This year there were creamed new potatoes and green beans from the garden. The meal began with a pear salad and fresh, crusty bread.

The Bestes and Evavolds provide the food and do all the work because they say they love making their contribution to CVIC. The couples have acquired dishes from Whitey’s during the auction. And they picked up special dishes sold at auction when the Bronze Boot supper club closed.

They believe wherever you dine, the best part is ending up in the kitchen for dessert.

There in the vast kitchen of the old farmhouse, there is an array of cakes and pies and the party goes on. Guests linger over the final course.

Also lending a hand in serving the dinner this year was Monica Evavold and Lori Taylor, Bemidji, sister of Lisa Beste.

I wish you were well enough to come up from Tucson for a visit. The weather has been great and late August is lively around here. I see you have had storms and rain in Tucson.

Our niece, Joanne Jensen, is coming up from Sacramento for the Potato Bowl events here. She says she has always been curious and this is the year to do it. It’s all coming off the first week of September.

Love from your sister, Marilyn, watching the University of North Dakota come alive with students and wondering what the year 2014-2015 will bring.


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