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MARILYN HAGERTY: Never underestimate the charm of a moth

Until I visited with Carl Barrentine, I thought moths were simply yucky little creatures fluttering around porch lights on hot summer nights.

But Barrentine, a retired UND professor with a PhD, is so enthusiastic about the study of moths that he draws you in. He suggests moths are more interesting than birds.

And he is excited about the observance of National Moth Week. Because he believes in learning from moths, he has been promoting their study this week at the Grand Forks Public Library. He will be at Turtle River State Park to help with Moth Week events beginning tonight.

That’s when UND Professor Becky Simmons will lead the way with a discussion on the moth battle of the sexes. The Dakota Explorer program will continue Saturday.

Why study moths?

Barrentine talks of the important role they play in our ecology and the lessons that can be learned.

“We here in North Dakota have about 2,200 different types of moths,” he says. He credits Jerry Fauske, an North Dakota State University professor, as being the major expert on moths in this area.

Class of 1964

Fifty years have rolled by since they graduated from Grand Forks Central High School. And this weekend the class of 1964 is gathering again.

There will be a mixer tonight at the Hilton Garden Inn along with a tour of Central Saturday morning. They will follow that up with lunch at the Kegs, golf at the Grand Forks Country Club and dining and dancing at the Hilton.

Classmates making things happen are Kristi Docken, Jan Fetsch, Erik Fritzell, Carolyn King, Jerry Reinhardt and Dyan Rey.

Packed weekend

The weekend arrives with sounds of World of Outlaws racing around River Cities Speedway tonight... And people still looking for tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market downtown on Saturday mornings of summer... There’s another Art and Wine Walk downtown Saturday afternoon... With the high-flying performance of “Peter Pan” by the Summer Performing Arts troops running this weekend at Grand Forks Red River High School Performance Hall....

The annual garden tour sponsored by the Grand Forks Horticultural Society is off and running Saturday and Sunday... With tickets available at the first stop at the Myra Museum Saturday and Sundayafternoons....

An aroma from Ribs O’Rama will draw people to the Community Park in Reynolds Saturday afternoon... And the Manitoba Stampede is going on at Morris....

Marlene and Dean

Cheerful persons of the week: Marlene Maxon and Dean Opp.

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