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MARILYN HAGERTY: Bring on the Fourth festivities

Dear Shirley,

The fireworks are starting early around here, and I suppose you are hearing some blasts around your place in Tucson, too.

Sertoma Club is sponsoring events on the Fourth. There’ll be a kiddie parade downtown with a judging of costumes. Along with entertainment in the city center. And, of course, fireworks over the Red in the evening. It’s great to stand on the Sorlie Bridge downtown and watch.

As the fabulous Fourth weekend dawns, it leaves people wondering whether to buy steaks or high-priced gas to get to their celebrations.

Seems like it was raining every time we turned around this past week. And the skies opened up just as the parade ended when I was up in Kennedy, Minn., Saturday. I was invited to join a group of area authors signing books in the fire hall.

You see, Shirley, this little town was marking its 125th anniversary — it’s the same age as North Dakota. The parade was rife with fire trucks and massive farm machinery. And just as it ended, the skies opened up and soaked everything — including the horse droppings.

The rains held off for the Glenn Miller band concert at the Myra Museum Gazebo on Sunday. Several couples in the crowd of more than 500 on lawn chairs got up and started dancing. One little 2-year-old boy, Crosby Spark, asked me to dance with him!

Yes, Shirley, there are joys and sorrows in summer. I join with all the friends of Doris Gust mourning her passing. I think she is in heaven organizing a duplicate bridge club right now. She was a perfect example of friendliness. Although she was a life master at bridge, she enjoyed playing on all levels — always pleasant, always encouraging others.

I hope you have a happy and jolly Fourth of July in Tucson. I will be thinking of you with love.

Your sister Marilyn on the west bank of the Red River flowing ever onwardly north to Canada.

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