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Little Big Town, Kacey Musgraves coming to Grand Forks

MARILYN HAGERTY: Peony Show revival goes on in spite of rain

Dear Shirley,

There is nothing so rare as a day in June. Unless, of course, it rains on your Peony Show.

Sponsors of the revived Peony Show were in a quandary Wednesday morning. By mid-day, they decided the show would go on. Fourteen or 15 intrepid peony growers showed up at the Myra Museum with beautiful, fragrant and slightly wet blooms.

And the winner was Margo Duquette, 205 Conklin Ave., Grand Forks. She won best of show and first in color.

I don’t think you grow peonies in Arizona, Shirley. They are a North Dakota thing.

When I used to visit you at Tucson Estates — before your fire — I remember hanging around the golf course. I would hear winter visitors exchanging greetings and talking about the wonderful weather.

Well, this is the time of year when we in the north land revel in the beautiful weather, the lilacs in bloom and rhubarb poking its way out of the ground.

The swimming pools are open. There are ballgames all over. The kids at SPA (Summer Performing Arts) are learning how to fly this summer. At least five of them in Peter Pan will be lifted so they actually fly in the production. A company is coming in to help create the flying.

Then, too, the ELL (English Language Learners) kids are taking part in the show. Brad Sherwood is working with them to help with their communications skills.

At SPA, they think learning to have ELL students working with other students is a very good thing.

Summer is so great, Shirley. The tennis courts are busy, and the golf courses are a daily destination.

I know that you people in Tucson make early morning runs to the markets and cover your steering wheels so you don’t burn your hands on them.

Well, I am thinking of you here in the land of cool nights and nice warm days. So far, we haven’t had any of those muggy days.

Love from your sister Marilyn walking Dot.Com the black and white dachshund along Cottonwood Street.

P.S. They are having the annual Rhubarb Festival Saturday at University Lutheran Church. Remember when you bought some rhubarb in a supermarket and the checkout girl thought it was red celery?

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