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MARILYN HAGERTY: 70 years a major mark

Dear Shirley,

Golden wedding days used to be rare. Now it seems couples are celebrating 60 and 65 years of married life.

And Friday, Ruth and Bill Hill of Grand Forks are marking their 70th wedding anniversary. They are indeed one of the grand old couples of this city.

When I contacted James Hill, one of their eight children who lives in Bismarck, he said the Hills felt as though they were a typical family in the 1950s. The eight children who lived in the family home at 1107 Almonte never wanted for companionship.

He said perhaps they lacked material things growing up, but they didn’t know it. Everybody with encouragement went to college. Everyone left home. Nobody came back.

But the “Hill kids” never lost touch with their parents. They shower Ruth and Bill with care and love. And they will be around to celebrate later this month.

The Hills are living now at Valley Memorial Home in Grand Forks. They have 22 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

When they were still in the work force, Bill Hill was at the former McDonald’s clothing store. And Ruth was at Central High, blazing a trail as a teacher of home economics.

Game night and lecture, too

The Hills and everybody else in Grand Forks probably will have their eyes and ears on the broadcast tonight. You see, Shirley, the UND hockey team is in the Final Four hockey tournament in Philadelphia. And they are playing the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

Wow! I hope some people will show up at the Hagerty lecture. I am sure there will be a television set in a corner somewhere. The lecture tonight is by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from the University of Missouri. She’s Jacqui Banaszynski.

Her topic will be: “These three things endure: craft, courage and compassion. And the greatest of these is compassion.”

We are basking in temperatures up over 60. Green grass is showing up as the snow melts. All this is good because my heating and light bill for last month was a hefty $256.36. It will go down. Last year it was $78.10 for July.

Meanwhile, I see you are looking at a high of 95 today and 65 overnight in Tucson. That’s with zero chance of rain. So I guess I wouldn’t trade power bills with you until October.

I saw a chart online showing Phoenix and Mesa areas are lowest on a cost of living index.

Love from your sister Marilyn leaping over puddles in the Red River Valley of the North.

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