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JULIE MORAVCHIK: My daughter, my princess

Julie Moravchik's daughter, Josephine Grace, 2. Submitted photo.

GRAND FORKS, N.D. -- Josie came running into the room, distraught. She couldn’t find her tiara and amulet, or her pixie dust. Whatever would she do?

I understood completely.

I stopped what I was doing to help my sweet 2-year-old daughter locate these important items. I understood because a princess is not complete without her crown, jewels — and of course, pixie dust.

I remember the day the doctor told me I was going to have a daughter. It was a dream come true. I had a son, and now I would have a baby girl. I knew I was truly blessed.

Since Josie was born, it has been even better than I ever imagined. Because when God gives you a daughter, he gives you a princess.

Josie’s smile brightens a room, and she’s full of love and energy. She enjoys everything about life — from appreciating the beauty of a blade of grass, to the pure joy of bouncing a basketball, to being a princess, complete with her gown, tiara and amulet. Whatever she does, she enjoys life to the fullest. And she’s opened my eyes to the beauty around me, in the simplest things.

I pray as she grows up that she always remembers she is my princess. I don’t want her to ever forget it. Not when the world tells her otherwise. I want her to remember that in the eyes of God, she is a princess, a child of God. That she’s a strong, beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring, all around amazing girl. That she can and will make a difference in the world, no matter what the world tells her. Even when they are mean, with harsh and hurtful words. It doesn’t matter what mean words kids may say or mean things they may do — I will remind her; you, Josie, are the child of God.

You, Josie, are a princess.

Once we located her crown, what Josie did next took my breath away. My tiny baby girl motioned for me to lower my head, and she took her time, putting the tiara perfectly in place. Then, she looked at me and smiled. She had been distraught and searching for her tiara because she wanted to place it on my head.

It brought tears to my eyes because as the mother of the princess, you feel like a queen. And in that moment, it doesn’t matter what the world says or how mean the world has been to you.

Because in the eyes of this little girl, I am worthy of a tiara.

It’s small moments like that when I’m reminded, that God comes to us, to show us he is there. He comes to us through our children. And it’s moments like that I will cherish for the rest of my life. She is my daughter, my princess, my blessing.

  Moravchik is News Director for WDAZ in Grand Forks and a mother of two. She can be reached at (701) 775-2511 or