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MARILYN HAGERTY: Grand Forks snowbirds flock together

Dear Shirley,

This is the day of the Grand Forks breakfast at Mesa. And they are expecting more than 250 people to go through the buffet line at the Golden Corral this morning.

Bob Wood, who used to be a Grand Forks County Commissioner, helps organize the event. And he says several former Grand Forks City Council members usually show up. They include Ann Sande, Arden Shores, Tom Hagness and Dave Beach.

You probably will hear echoes of their chatting as far away as Tucson.

Bob and Pat Wood said I should have made plans to be down there. Well, I am still reeling from my quick trip to New York City to be on the “Today” show last Saturday.

They called me on Thursday. I left on Friday. I was home on Saturday.

And darn it, Shirley, I missed the best play of the basketball season this winter. That was last Saturday when Troy Huff sunk a basket at the buzzer to beat Eastern Washington. Then he turned a summersault!

This week, Huff led the way as UND team beat Northern Colorado. I was sitting there thinking there must be a way we could pickle this senior and keep him around. Along with Madi Buck of the UND women’s team, he has made the hoops game pretty exciting.

Tonight the women are playing at Southern Utah. Nobody asked me, but I have been hearing if they win then the women’s tournament might be right here at the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center.

One of the biggest UND hoops fans, Bud Holland, is celebrating his 90th birthday today. He’s professor emeritus of geology and geological engineering at UND.

Meanwhile, the solemn season of Lent has begun. And though I don’t list them in this column, I have noticed that the men of St. Michael’s have been up to Alaska catching walleye for the fish dinners.

Actually, Shirley, I think all the walleye around here comes from the same barrels. You know, the suppliers.

Love from your sister Marilyn, drilling holes in the Red River of the North and asking the fish when spring will arrive.

P.S. There is wild adventure involved in flying to New York City from Grand Forks. You see, it seems the planes that make connections with Delta Airlines at Minneapolis-St. Paul land over in Wisconsin somewhere. I had 15 minutes or less to catch the connection to J.F. Kennedy Airport in New York. That was a series of moving walkways and a tram ride away. But I made it with the help of Charles “Chuck” Whiting. He’s the Polk County Administrator over at Crookston. And he is pretty good at figuring things out.

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