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MARILYN HAGERTY: Maybe ice walking could be an Olympic sport

Dear Shirley,

We’ve had a flash of mild weather here this week, and we know spring is bound to arrive. Sometime.

I get kind of tired of people asking why they live here in Grand Forks. So what if it does get cold — after all this is winter. The weather has been wicked this week in Chicago, the East Coast and down South.

Hey, even out in Colorado some of the people are going stir crazy.

I have a letter that Toby Baker wrote saying ice walking should be recognized as an Olympic sport. Toby is the wife of Kendall Baker, a former UND president. And they have retired down around Windsor in Colorado.

The only problem is that their driveway has settled into an ice rink. She says she and the dog, Molly, have mastered the art of ice walking.

She is wondering if since the Olympics add new sports all the time why they can’t add ice walking. She said her husband did an amazing double-split-half-pike while shoveling the front sidewalk.

Toby always was a barrel of fun.

This past week, I have been drawn to stories about the death of Shirley Temple. Kids these days never have heard of her. But I am sure you remember the Sunday afternoons we went to Shirley Temple movies in the Bijou Theatre at Pierre, S.D.

And once, as a grownup at a press convention, I met Shirley Temple face to face. She was lovely.

I think many of the women who came to the lunch for Shirleys here last summer used to go to Shirley Temple movies. And they probably had Shirley Temple dolls — just as we did.

Maybe if we have another Shirley luncheon we can give a prize for the best doll still around.

Well, time marches on at a frightening pace. I suppose the cacti that surround you in Arizona will soon be coming into bloom. I try to keep a card with pictures of all the cacti on my desk. I can recognize palo verde, saguaro, ocotillo, cholla and others.

Meanwhile, I will be waiting for mounds of snow to slip away.

Love from your sister Marilyn watching the children slide down the snow covered dike in Lincoln Park.

P.S. Remember Al Pearson? The guy with the big cowboy hat? Well, he’s been struggling with health problems but he is still the greatest UND hockey fan. He is sponsoring buses to the hockey games at Duluth this weekend and to St. Cloud, Minn., the following weekend. His daughter, Joanna Pearson, is helping him with the bookkeeping at (701) 388-9825.

P.P.S. Today Grand Forks is alive with the state high school hockey tournament. And the UND women will be playing basketball with the shooting happy team from Sacramento State.