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Letter: Americans must be more caring, helpful

To the editor,

I have been quite disturbed by the news over the years but as of late I am more disturbed than ever. The colossal weather the world is enduring and its disastrous consequences is one we can all relate to with its toll on people. I am glad to see aid is being delivered to Puerto Rico, Houston and Florida.

What is also disturbing to myself and other is the hypocrisy of this presidential administration. We have to ask ourselves if there is a hint of "love thy neighbor as thyself" with an administration that is forcefully placing blame for this country's problems on the so-called "illegals" coming to this country and somehow a wall is some kind of the ultimate solution?

As a country, it seems the public may have missed some history classes to think a wall is the ultimate deterrent. Should we forget about the Berlin Wall separating East Germany from West Germany?

Republican President Reagan was instrumental in the removal of that wall by publicly proclaiming "take down that wall" and in a short period of time it was taken down by the West.

This country already has a partial wall on the southern border and for what good it is doing I have to question. Determination by foreigners who are escaping horrific lives in Mexico and Central America risk their lives to get to this country. And smugglers will always find a way to bring in people or drugs whether it be by land or sea or air or tunnels, or drones or balloons.

Can we honestly say that Mr. Trump is a loving and caring president and loves thy neighbor as thyself? There are so many proclamations that he has made since his presidency that appear to

be of a vindictive nature, not at all presidential. As a world, we are all neighbors and should be concerned and helpful to one another.

Connie Omdahl

Warren, Minn.