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McFeely: Curious about historic horse racing, now being debated in ND? Here's how it works

My column for Wednesday’s Forum took a look at a gambling bill quietly making its way through the North Dakota legislature. Senate Bill 2221 would legalize so-called historic horse racing in the state.

It’s an odd deal, but not a new one. State lawmakers have previously denied similar bills.

Historic horse racing works like this:

Slot machine-like terminals allow players to bet on previously run horse races.



The idea is to basically allow slot machines under the guise of pari-mutuel betting. The machines and whether or not somebody wins is tenuously based on the results of previously run horse races, but really they allow anybody who knows how to push buttons and use a slot machine the opportunity to play.

It’s been a lengthy debate in the gaming world whether or not historic horse racing, also known as instant racing, is a game of skill or one of chance.

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