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The Herald is not a clue in the Olive Garden scavenger hunt

Think you might have solved one of the clues to Olive Garden's virtual scavenger hunt?

We're alfredo not.

The Grand Forks Herald is not a part of Olive Garden's pasta pass scavenger hunt.

Olive Garden's Annual Pasta Pass virtual scavenger hunt went live at 11 a.m. and since then, the Herald has received over a dozen messages saying "Pasta Pass Please."

The pasta chain launched a social media scavenger hunt Wednesday for participants to win 10 pasta passes, lasting a whole year. Olive Garden posted 10 clues on its website with these directions:

"Each one of the riddles, puzzles and ciphers below uncovers the name of a Twitter profile, an Instagram handle, or a Facebook group. If you're the first person to solve that puzzle, and send a direct message to that profile or post in the Facebook group with the secret phrase 'Pasta Pass Please,' you're the winner!"

The seventh clue, which says "organization dedicated to fawning over Grand Forks's best food reviewer," is not referring to the Herald or Marilyn Hagerty's famous Olive Garden review.

But, be the first to figure out who that clue is referring to and win free Olive Garden pasta for a whole year.