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LETTER: Snuff out Big Tobacco's influence by supporting Measure 4

The "North Dakota Way" is North Dakota voters objecting to out-of-state big spenders, such as Big Tobacco, as they seek to line their own businesses' bottom lines at the expense of our state and the 20,000 youth whom they seek to addict as their new crew of consumers.

These outsiders have created a business model that recognizes their customers are dying off daily and seeks to addict new smokers, no matter how young they are.

A $3 million campaign to confuse voters and shout down good, solid health policy is not the North Dakota way.

I hope North Dakota voters continue to send the message that out-of-state special interests with big bankrolls can't buy our state.

As a long-time North Dakota volunteer with the American Heart Association, I've been part of many requests for legislative action—from the 35 cents proposed by then-Gov. John Hoeven to local district meetings with my legislators and during the 2015 session, when two bills seeking to increase the tax were introduced.

The issue and the language is not new. The good that can be achieved is well stated.

I urge Herald readers to support Measure 4. Stand up to Big Tobacco for our youth and our state.

Linda Warner

Rugby, N.D.