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Protesters return to DAPL Monday, some say in response to MLK Day

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Morton County, ND (WDAY News) - One of the biggest Dakota Access Pipeline protests in a month is happening right now.

The Morton County Sheriff's Office says around 3:45 about 100 protesters marched over the frozen Cannonball and Missouri River through the snow and confronted law enforcement near the drill pad.

They approached the officers who were on the opposite side of a barbed wire fence.

Some called out Martin Luther King Junior Day as a reason for the protest.

As the crowds grew and yelled at officers, the video shows law enforcement formed a line with shields.

Video feeds of the event now show protesters have since cut a barbed wire and are approaching police.

Earlier Monday, authorities say protesters also gathered on the Backwater Bridge and tried cutting down a wired barricade.

Authorities say three protesters have now been arrested.