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Dog found with legs tied in Duluth is doing well

Molly, a 3-year-old border collie mix who was found with its legs tied, was doing well at the city animal shelter Tuesday afternoon. Carrie Lane, lead shelter worker, said the dog was in great spirits and healing.1 / 2
A dog named Molly was found with its font legs tied together in a yard in far western Duluth Monday morning. Zach Drews called animal control and took care of the dog until officers arrived and a tool could be found to cut the dog free. It’s doing well at a shelter, officers said. Photo by Zach Drews2 / 2

DULUTH -- Molly the dog was doing well and walking around the Duluth Animal Shelter on Tuesday. That’s no small feat considering how she was found 24 hours earlier.

Zach Drews of Duluth found the dog in his yard Monday morning with its two front legs zip-tied together. The plastic was so tight around Molly’s legs that it took careful use of a wire cutter to get her loose without knicking the skin.

Drews originally thought he saw a neighbor dog simply lying in his yard. After some time, he went out to investigate and called to the dog.

“She came to me hopping on her front legs,” he said.

The dog looked hungry and bedraggled, Drews said, and there were signs that at one time the back legs had been tied as well.

“It looked pretty rough,” Drews said.

Drews called animal control, which suggested he and a neighbor not untie the dog for fear it would run away. They also fed her and gave her a blanket. When officers arrived, the dog was freed and taken to the shelter.

When Molly’s story hit social media, a woman named Candace Mead chimed in on Facebook saying the dog Drews found was hers and “please someone help me get in contact with whoever has Molly. I’m shaking. I know who did this.”

Jim Hansen, a spokesman for the Duluth Police Department, said a veterinarian checked the black-and-white border collie mix and reported it in “good condition.” The dog will remain at the shelter until a police investigation is complete, Hansen said.

After posting her message and finding out 3-year-old Molly was in the shelter, Mead posted photos of her reunited with her dog and a post from a few days ago saying the dog was lost.

A phone message left for Mead was not returned.

“Molly is OK,” Mead wrote under a picture of the dog drinking water at the shelter. “She is at animal control right now and she will be OK in a couple weeks.”