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Woman killed in roadside accident near Langdon, N.D.

A woman was killed near Langdon, N.D., early Friday after she was hit by an SUV while guiding the driver.

At about 3 a.m., Laurie Bennett, 58, of Langdon, was helping Russell Eversvik, 39, of Wales, N.D., back onto a road about three miles northwest of Langdon, according to a North Dakota Highway Patrol news release.

Eversvik struck Bennett, trapping her under the SUV, the Patrol said.

He called 911, but she was dead at the scene, according to the news release.

Eversvik faces a charge of driving under the influence causing death.

The crash is still under investigation. Cavalier County Sheriff’s Office, Cavalier County Fire Department and Cavalier County Ambulance were also on scene.