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Minnesota election candidates list updated

ST. PAUL -- Minnesota election officials have deleted names of candidates who withdrew from their races and added names of those whose petitions have been verified.

Paperwork to run for office had to be filed by Tuesday, and withdrawals were permitted through Thursday. In the meantime, the Minnesota secretary of state's office checked signatures on petitions filed by candidates and added them to the candidate list.

Primary election contests will be held in races in which more than one candidate filed per party. The election will be Aug. 12. Primary winners and those who have no primary competition move on to the November general election.

The secretary of state's office reports this list of candidates for statewide and U.S. House offices:

U.S. Senate: Mike McFadden, R; Jim Abeler, R; David Carlson, R; Patrick Munro, R; Ole Savior, R; Al Franken, D (i); Sandra Henningsgard, D; Tom Books, I; Steve Carlson, I; Jack Shepard, I; Kevin Terrell, I; Stephen Williams, I; Heather Johnson, L.

1st Congressional District: Jim Hagedorn, R; Aaron Miller, R; Tim Walz, D (i).

2nd Congressional District: Paula Overby, I; John Kline, R (i); Mike Obermueller, D; Michael Roberts, D.

3rd Congressional District: Erik Paulsen, R (i); Sharon Sund, D.

4th Congressional District: Dave Thomas I; Sharna Wahlgren, R; Betty McCollum, D (i).

5th Congressional District: Lee Bauer, I; Doug Daggett, R; Keith Ellison, D (i).

6th Congressional District: John Denney, I; Tom Emmer, R; Rhonda Sivarajah, R; Joe Perske, D.

7th Congressional District: Collin Peterson, D (i); Torrey Westrom, R.

8th Congressional District: Stewart Mills, R; Rick Nolan, D (i); Ray "Skip" Sandman, G.

Governor-lieutenant governor: Hanna Nicollet-Tim Gieseke, I; Scott Honour-Karin Housley, R; Jeff Johnson-Bill Kuisle, R; Marty Seifert-Pam Myhra, R; Kurt Zellers-Dean Simpson, R; Merrill Anderson-Mark Anderson, R; Bill Dahn-James Vigliotti, D; Leslie Davis-Gregory Soderberg, D; Mark Dayton-Tina Smith, D (i); Chris Holbrook-Chris Dock, L; Chris Wright-David Daniels, C.

Secretary of state: Bob Helland, I; David Singleton, I; Dan Severson, R; Gregg Iverson, D; Steve Simon, D; Dick Franson, D; Bob Odden, L.

State auditor: Patrick Dean, I; Randy Gilbert, R; Rebecca Otto, D (i); Matt Entenza, D. ; Judith Schwartzbacker, C; Keegan Iversen, L.

Attorney general: Brandan Borgos, I; Sharon Anderson, R; Scott Newman, R; Lori Swanson, D (i); Andy Dawkins, G; Mary O'Connor, L; Dan R. Vacek, M.

Supreme Court 2: John Hancock, Wilhelmina Wright (i).

Supreme Court 3: David Lillehaug (i), Michelle MacDonald.

Appeals Court 1: John Rodenberg (i).

Appeals Court 3: Carol Hooten (i).

Appeals Court 4: John P. Smith (i).

Appeals Court 9: Michael Kirk (i).

Appeals Court 10: Edward Cleary (i).

Appeals Court 12: Margaret Chutich (i).


Key: R, Republican; D, Democrat; I, Independence; G, Green; L, Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis, C; Libertarian; Legalize Marijuana Now, M; (i), incumbent.

More information, including a complete list of candidates for offices around the state, is available at

Don Davis
Don Davis has been the Forum Communications Minnesota Capitol Bureau chief since 2001, covering state government and politics for two dozen newspapers in the state. Don also blogs at Capital Chatter on Areavoices.