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Grand Forks accidents spike after freezing mist

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) – Although we’re weeks into winter, area drivers are reacting to recent weather with a spike in crashes.

Police say freezing mist is one reason for the higher than average number of accidents.

A car was destroyed at the intersection of 17th and 32nd during Tuesday’s morning commute. It was one of many places in the WDAZ area where people called in crashes today because of slick roads and difficult driving conditions.

Jessica Moritz, totaled car: "Someone could not stop or ran the stop sign."

Moritz's Honda has a new home in the tow yard. After totaling the car, she wants drivers to slow down.

Moritz: "I couldn't stop in time because the roads were too icy and I was only going about 12 miles an hour."

On I-29 a car rolled onto its side, and, just south, a Saturn SUV stuck in the snow on the side of the interstate.

Adam Berry, Interstate Towing: "This is the busiest winter I've experienced and I've been towing cars since '98"

Berry is the manager at Interstate Towing. He says the company is so busy that they're prioritizing saving lives as opposed to cars.

Berry: "We gotta help the rollovers, we gotta help the people that are out of gas, freezing on the side of the road."

He says in hazardous conditions like icy roads, caution is crucial.

Berry: "They're overconfident. Just because you have 4-wheel drive doesn't mean you have 4-wheel stop."

Moritz says a stop cost her a car and doesn't want something similar to cost anyone else their lives.

Moritz: "You have to realize you want to get there safe. It doesn't matter what time you show up."

Grand Forks Public Works says they're putting extra salt on the roads in hopes of improving driving conditions.