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Task Force: Search at Crookston home yields $10,000 of meth

Drug task force members who searched a Crookston home last week found methamphetamine with an approximate street value of $10,000, according to the Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force in northwest Minnesota.

A news release issued by the task force said Jose Angel Fuentes, 32, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of first-degree drug possession.

No charges have yet been filed against him. Under Minnesota law, for the offense to rise to the level of first-degree drug possession, Fuentes would have to have been in possession of at least 25 grams of meth.

Acting on a tip, investigators obtained consent to search Fuentes’ home and found a “large amount of methamphetamine” within a wall, according to the release.

In 2010, Fuentes was convicted of selling drugs, and in 2003, he was convicted of fifth-degree drug possession. For a person with a prior drug conviction, the maximum penalty for first-degree drug possession is 30 years in prison.

The Crookston Police Department and a federal Border Patrol K9 assisted with the search and arrest, the release indicated.

The drug task force is comprised of officers from northwest Minnesota and federal Border Patrol agents.