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Disc golf a fun, easy way to get outside

UND student Terrance Pendergrass chips in a short disc throw during a round of disc golf Wednesday at Lincoln Park in Grand Forks. (Luke Franke/Grand Forks Herald)1 / 2
UND student Terrance Pendergrass and friend Bryan Phillips retrieve their discs from a basket while playing a round of disc golf. (Luke Franke/Grand Forks Herald)2 / 2

College friends Terrance Pendergrass and Bryan Phillips began playing disc golf around two years ago when the two wanted something new to try. Something that was more active than sitting on the couch but also not too physically demanding.

“I ride my bike out here and then start playing,” Phillips said. “It’s a way to combine two hobbies into one.”

Popularity in disc golf has risen significantly in recent years. The game has taken hold in college towns like Grand Forks.

“It’s a great way to hang out with your friends,” said Pendergrass. “It definitely beats sitting on the couch and being bored out of your mind.”

With busy schedules that include work and school the two take advantage of their limited time off to hang out and relax at the disc golf course at Lincoln Park.

“We try to get out here like once a week,” Pendergrass said.

Lincoln Golf Course, opened in 2003, features 18 holes and is generally pretty busy especially during the summer in the afternoon and evening hours.

According to Terrance and Bryan and many other enthusiasts the sport is a great way to relax and be outside while not being too competitive. “We just make our throws up,” Terrance said laughingly. “We have to rely on the roll a lot of the time.”