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Fog forces flight cancellations at Grand Forks International Airport

Fog forces flight cancelations at GFK

Airport director stresses checking flight status often

By Chris Bieri

Herald Staff Writer

Fog forced half a dozen scheduled departure flights to be canceled Friday at Grand Forks International Airport.

A Delta Airlines representative said that by 5 p.m., six outgoing flights, all headed for Minneapolis, had been canceled.

Patrick Dame, airport executive director, said individual airlines make the decision as to whether they are able to see through the fog and depart or land at the airport.

"Our advice to passengers is to make sure they keep in contact with the airlines about the status of their flights," he said. "They can also check the (airport) website. They can scroll down and see exactly what we see."

He stressed that conditions could change quickly. "Any bit of sun that can burn the fog off can change things."

Incoming flights were also canceled Friday. Another five Delta flights that were scheduled to land in Grand Forks did not leave Minneapolis.

"The flights weren't able to get in due to the fog," he said. "I don't think we've had much inbound traffic."

An Allegiant Air flight out of Las Vegas was diverted to Minneapolis early Friday afternoon, but eventually arrived. Allegiant also had a departing flight delayed almost four hours Friday afternoon. Delta and Allegiant are the only two commercial passenger airlines operating out of the airport.

According to the airport website, flights started to loosen up as the day progressed.

A Delta flight scheduled to land at 6:55 p.m. arrived nine minutes early and another Delta flight set to arrive at 11:01 p.m. was listed as on time. An Allegiant flight scheduled to depart for Bismarck at 5 p.m. left on time.

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