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Video: Fire breaks out at Grand Forks landfill

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A fire broke out Monday morning at the Grand Forks landfill. City staff were able to bring the flames under control by burying the fire. (April Baumgarten/Grand Forks Herald) 2 / 2

A fire broke out early Monday morning at the Grand Forks landfill.

Firefighters responded around 7 a.m. to the 54th Avenue North landfill located northwest of Grand Forks. The call to the Grand Forks Fire Department was canceled after landfill staff said they had the fire under control.

Officials aren't sure what started the blaze, but there could be a number of culprits, said Brian Kroese, sanitation supervisor with the city's public works staff.

"It could have been a chemical reaction or it could have been hot ashes," he said. "We get a lot of that this time of year with people burning firewood."

No injuries or damages were reported. Landfill staff worked to bury the flames with dirt.

The incident shouldn't affect operations, Kroese said.