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Crookson voters approve $6 million in school funds

Residents in some area Minnesota school districts approved funding for building projects or operating costs in referendum votes Tuesday.

The Crookston district asked voters to approve $6 million to pay for improvements or repairs to three school buildings and its swimming pool. Voters in nearby Fisher, Minn., decided on a levy to raise $2 million over 10 years to pay for new school vehicles and technology costs. Another referendum in that district asked voters to replace a $744.78 per-pupil levy with an $885 levy.

Crookston voters approved their measure by "basically a 2-1 margin," said Superintendent Chris Bates. "Obviously, we're thrilled."

Other districts in northwest Minnesota with referendums were Fosston, Goodridge, Warroad and Warren-Alvarado-Oslo, all seeking operating levies, and Win-E-Mac, seeking a building bond/capital lease levy.

Voters in the Warren-Alvarado-Olso district were the only ones to defeat a funding measure, narrowly rejecting a $317 per-pupil funding increase.

Unofficial results after polls closed at 8 p.m. were:

• Crookston: 824 voting yes and 410 no.

• Fisher: 79 voting yes and 43 no for the $2 million in capital funding; 81 voting yes and 42 no for raising the per-pupil levy.

• Fosston: 630 voting yes and 260 no on whether to raise the per-pupil levy from $693 to $1,160.

• Goodridge: 120 voting yes and 25 no on whether to raise the per-pupil levy by $550.

• Warren-Alvarado-Oslo: 500 voting yes and 509 no on whether to raise the per-pupil levy from $1,883 to $2,200.

• Warroad: 436 voting yes and 241 no on whether to raise the per-pupil levy from $631 to $700.

• Win-E-Mac: 346 voting yes and 175 no on $5 million in bonds to pay for new school additions and repairs.

Christopher Bjorke

Christopher Bjorke is the content editor for the Grand Forks Herald. He first worked for the Herald in 1997 and most recently since 2011. His jobs at the Herald have included covering local government, state politics, business and economics, and the health care industry. 

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