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Dilworth police arrest man with 3 gallons of liquid meth

Coltt West Decoteau

DILWORTH, Minn. -- A man is in jail facing felony drug distribution charges after Dilworth police pulled him over Sunday and accused him of having more than 2 gallons of liquid methamphetamines in his vehicle.

Dilworth Police Chief Ty Sharpe said one of his officers pulled over a vehicle at about 2:59 p.m. Sunday in the 500 block of Second Avenue Southeast.

The man initially gave police the name of one of his family members and tried to conceal drug paraphernalia before the officer ordered him out of the car, Sharpe said.

As he left the car, the man, later identified as Coltt West Decoteau, tried to throw two small containers of methamphetamines into the road, Sharpe said, before being taken into custody.

Officers executed a search warrant on the car Thursday and found two small aluminum containers that appeared to be filled with water, with several pill-shaped items on the bottom.

The liquid inside tested positive for methamphetamines, Sharpe said.

A further search of the vehicle uncovered three more containers, including 2-gallon antifreeze jugs, filled with clear, water-like liquid for a total of about 3 gallons of what's suspected to be "liquid meth," Sharpe said.

While liquid meth isn't very well-known, law enforcement officials believe it is gaining in popularity because it's easy to transport in containers like car windshield fluid or antifreeze that often go unchecked in a traffic stop, Sharpe said.

Decoteau, address unknown, is being held on suspicion of fifth-degree controlled substance possession with intent to distribute, obstruction, possession of drug paraphernalia, giving a peace officer a false name, no valid driver's license, insurance or seat belt, Sharpe said.