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'Bad man' wakes up north Fargo family in their home

FARGO – A north Fargo family recently got a nasty scare when they awoke one night to find a man walking down the hall of their apartment, then locking himself in their bathroom without a word.

According to court documents filed Tuesday in Cass County District Court, Fargo police officers responded the evening of June 23 to a call about an intruder in a home at 817 1st St. N.

The two people who live there with their 1-year-old baby, Brand Nelson and Chelsea Neros, told the officer they forgot to lock the apartment door when they went to bed.

They were in their bedroom with their daughter when they saw a man walking in the hallway inside the apartment.

The couple told the officer they both yelled, “Who’s there?” according to court documents, but that instead of responding, the man went into the bathroom and shut the door.

Nelson got his shotgun, the couple told the officer, and continued to yell for the man to come out. After about 3 minutes, the man came out of the bathroom, court documents state.

Nelson asked the man what he was doing, to which he allegedly replied, “I’m just a bad man. I don’t know.”

The man sounded intoxicated, the couple reported.

Court documents state the intruder was Larry Allen Miller, a neighbor from another part of the apartment building whom the couple eventually recognized.

Miller, 55, was charged Tuesday in Cass County District Court with one count of criminal trespass, a Class C felony.

A warrant for his arrest was issued Wednesday.

No initial court date has yet been set in the case.