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Grafton break-in victim accidentally shot herself, police say

The Grafton, N.D., woman wounded during a break-in at her house accidentally shot herself, according to police.

When the woman saw an intruder entering her home Tuesday, she fired a round at the person, said Capt. Anthony Dumas, assistant chief of police with the Grafton Police Department.

The intruder was scared off by the shot, but then the woman, startled by the exchange, accidentally fired a second round into her lower leg, Dumas said.

Police were called to the scene about 11:10 a.m., where they found the woman shot and signs of forced entry on the house, 441 Western Ave., he said.

The woman told police she does not believe the would-be burglar was armed.

She was taken to Unity Medical Center in Grafton for treatment with non-life threatening injuries. She was in the hospital as of Tuesday afternoon, Dumas said, but he did not know her condition Wednesdaynight.

Family members of the woman said she is “doing fine.”

Police have a person of interest, but they are not releasing any information on the person because of the ongoing investigation, Dumas said.

Officers are still interviewing neighbors about the incident, and they don’t want a public description of the person of interest to taint witnesses’ descriptions, he said.

Police do not believe there is any danger to the public, he said. There have not been any other recent break-ins in the vicinity of this incident, he said.

Investigators are asking those with information about the incident to call them at (701) 352-1411.