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3 arrested in Crookston-area burglaries

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Three men have been arrested in connection with a series of garage burglaries and thefts over the past week in and around Crookston, according to the Crookston Police Department.

The suspects, all charged with multiple counts of first-degree burglary, are: Eli Bogonovich, 39, Grand Forks; Tomas Flores III, 21, East Grand Forks; and David Seddon, 24, Crookston.

According to a news release, Crookston officers responded at 4:26 a.m. Wednesday to a report of an intruder in a home at 129 Mill St. However, when officers arrived, the alleged intruder already had left the house.

At 6:43 a.m. Wednesday, police were called to 222 E. 7th St., for a report of a masked intruder in the home and that the intruder might have a gun.

As officers were responding, they stopped a person matching the description walking along a sidewalk on North Central Avenue and Elm Street. The man, identified as Bogonovich, was found to be in possession of a gun. He was arrested and transported to Northwest Regional Correctional Center.

At 7:10 a.m. Wednesday, police conducted a probationary search at 336 N. Central Ave. where they arrested Flores, according to the report. He also was transported to Northwest Regional Corrections Center. Other agencies involved were Tri-County Probation and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Meanwhile, Polk County Sheriff’s Department officers arrested Seddon Wednesday while investigating burglaries in Kertsonville and Gentilly townships. The burglaries have a connection to the Crookston burglaries, according to the report.

Crookston Police Department and Polk County Sheriff’s Office are urging people living in Crookston and the surrounding communities to secure their vehicles, garages, outbuildings and homes each night and to report any suspicious activity.

They also are asking anyone with knowledge of the burglaries or who heard or saw anything suspicious at night between Jan. 30 and Wednesday  to contact Crookston police at (218) 281-3111 or the sheriff’s office at (218) 281-0431.