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Grand Forks deputies investigating accidental shooting

Deputies are investigating an incident in which a Grand Forks man said he accidentally shot himself in the leg Tuesday afternoon.

The Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office said 20-year-old Angel Martinez arrived at Altru Hospital’s emergency room with a gunshot wound to the leg at about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Martinez and another man had been doing some target shooting near Reynolds, N.D., before returning to Grand Forks Tuesday when Martinez said he accidentally shot himself in the lower thigh while unloading the gun in the car, according to Lt. B.J. Maxson.

Martinez received a through-and-through wound from the discharge and is expected to make a full recovery, Maxson said.

The gun is somewhere along the side of the road south of Grand Forks. Maxson said Martinez and his companion tossed the weapon out of the window on their way into town. Deputies were told where the weapon was left and are working to recover it. Investigators believe the weapon used was a small caliber pistol.

Investigators are also looking for the man who was with Martinez at the time to hear his version of events, Maxson said. The man is not considered a suspect at this time. Martinez arrived at the hospital in a private vehicle.

Deputies are continuing to investigate the incident for possible criminal charges and determining exactly where the gun was discharged, Maxson said.