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America's favorite Halloween candy by state

Halloween has arrived, and so has this year's list of favorite Halloween sweets.

The list was compiled by, a bulk candy distributer that analyzed data since the company's beginning in 2007 to determine the top three candies and the total amount sold in every state.

According to Candystore's data, the most popular Halloween treat among North Dakotans was Hot Tamales, which residents purchased nearly 66,000 pounds of. In second place was the Jolly Rancher with about 62,000 pounds and candy corn ranked third selling 52,000 pounds.

Minnesota's favorite Halloween treat is the tootsie pop, of which almost 196,000 pounds were consumed. Skittles were a close second, selling 195,000 pounds, and the Almond Joy closed out the top three with almost 99,000 pounds.

Texas purchased the most candy from the company, buying 1.95 million pounds of Reese's Cups in the past decade.