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We crunched the data. Here's how to avoid Minnesota State Patrol speeding tickets.

ST. PAUL — The Pioneer Press analyzed 224,915 speeding tickets written by the Minnesota State Patrol from 2014 to this summer for what they say about Minnesota speed enforcement. From that data, and interviews with state troopers, here's some practical advice on how to avoid a speeding ticket on Minnesota highways:

• Don't speed.

• If you do speed, go less than 10 mph over the limit.

• Go slower in the summer, when enforcement is more intense.

• Watch out on weekends and the middle of the day, when less traffic means troopers can pull more people over.

• Be extra careful if you're young. Young drivers go disproportionately faster and get the lion's share of all tickets. This is especially true for young men.

• If you're pulled over, be polite. Troopers often consider demeanor when deciding whether to issue a warning.

• If you have prior tickets on your record, you're less likely to get a break from a trooper, so slow down.