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Fosston, Minn., entrepreneur starts business at age 12

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Fosston, Minn. — The Grand Forks Farmer’s Market is a place for entrepreneurs to make a name for themselves.

Some are younger than others like Antonina Kuznetsov who is referring to her own line of skin care products which she launched at age 12. 

“I was allergic to a lot of stuff, and the scents would give me super bad headaches, that’s what made me starting to make my own,” explained the now 18-year-old.

For the next two years the homeschooled teen from Fosston would spend her free time researching and ordering products.

“It was hard, I didn’t even know what I was doing, you just pretend and fake it until you make it,” recalled Kuznetsov.

But two years later at the age of 14 this beauty fan officially registered Antonina Naturals.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and my own boss,” explained Kuznetsov

It started with a little something for the lips.

“I brought my lip balms into a boutique and I walked out with a check and I walked out and said I could start a business,” remembered Kuznetsov.

 And now has expanded to include lotions and bath bombs for men and women.

“I had that opportunity to sell my product, it felt really great, it was really exciting and I just a future for myself, I said this is what I want to do, I found my passion really young,” said Kuznetsov.

For the past two years it's been her full-time job. Her products can be found in 30 different stores in North Dakota and Minnesota and online. So what does Antonina claim separates her products from the big brands?

“I'm not pouring chemicals, fillers, and toxic ingredients into my products,” she responded.

While Antonina's first dream has already come true she's already working on another one, one that would help people in a much different way.

“My dream is to one day start my own foundation to help others start a future,” said the teen.

While her products come with a small price, she is offering free advice to those who dream big.

“Work hard and if you are interested in something, don't wait around, go get it,” she explained.

A young entrepreneur inspiring people to feel good about themselves with her beauty products, and hoping to inspire future entrepreneurs.

“If you have work ethic and you believe in yourself, you are going to do it,” said Kuznetsov.

Antonina says her sales have tripled the past couple of years.

She runs most of the company from the basement of her Fosston home, like shipping orders.

The products are manufactured in Oregon.

Antonina plans to launch her revamped website in the coming days