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Grand Forks native's 'Jeopardy!' run comes to an end

Alex Trebek and Grand Forks native Gavin Borchert.

The three-day reign of Grand Forks native Gavin Borchert as a "Jeopardy!" champion came to an end in an episode that aired Monday.

Borchert racked up the correct answers in the latest episode of the long-running quiz show and went into the final round in second place with $18,200. He correctly answered that a jellyfish is the most venomous marine creature, adding $17,500 to his total. But it wasn't enough to hold off newcomer Deborah Elliott, a Cleveland educator who also gave the right answer and edged out Borchert by $1,100.

Though he has been ousted by a new champion, Borchert came into Monday's episode with a $50,200 total over three days and added $2,000 as a second-place constestent Monday. 

According an online recap, Borchert had 63 correct answers and 10 incorrect answers over his three-day winning streak.

A writer and editor in Seattle and a Red River High School graduate, Borchert appeared in his first episode July 12.

Christopher Bjorke

Christopher Bjorke is the content editor for the Grand Forks Herald. He first worked for the Herald in 1997 and most recently since 2011. His jobs at the Herald have included covering local government, state politics, business and economics, and the health care industry. 

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