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Loose hood leads to crash, DUI in Carrington

CARRINGTON, N.D.—A Carrington driver was charged with driving under the influence after a loose hood on a minivan caused a crash with a semi Sunday evening.

The driver, 56-year-old Frances Gasper, was driving a Dodge Caravan eastbound on Highway 52 about two miles west of Carrington when the van's hood unhooked and blew against the windshield, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

The van immediately braked.

A semi traveling behind Gasper was forced to brake and swerve right to avoid the van, but the Dodge swerved right at the same time, and the semi struck the van. Both vehicles entered the ditch.

Gasper was transported to Carrington Hospital and was later charged with DUI. The driver of the semi was uninjured, though his truck has about $5,000 worth of damage, troopers said.

The Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.