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Roberta Cox: 'That's all you can do with tragedies ... have fun with the good memories'

Roberta Cox and her husband of Cavalier, N.D., took in family and friends after the floodwaters overflowed the dikes in Grand Forks.

At the height of the flood and feeling restless, Cox said she went to the American Legion, where evacuees could seek shelter and a warm meal.

There, she met a couple in their 70s from Pembina, N.D. They were exhausted from carrying items up from their basement all day, Cox said.

She made quick friends with the couple and invited them to stay in her home.

"We all tried to help one another out because we never know when we might need help," Cox said.

She said she still remembers worrying whether the couple would sleep well with a loud sump pump running all night. But the couple wasn't concerned. They were grateful for a place to stay for the night.

Whenever Cox sees the woman now, they have a good time together, she said.

"That's all you can do with tragedies ... have fun with the good memories," Cox said.

— Wade Rupard