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Erosion fix on GF county road could cost $75,000

A lasting fix for a Grand Forks County road which has been eroding into the Turtle River just west of Manvel could cost $75,000 from the county emergency fund.

Grand Forks County Engineer Nick West presented the cost of the project—a buttress of 5,300 tons of concrete rubble to be built along the south shoulder of County Road 33—Tuesday at the regular meeting of the County Commission. The cost is the low submission to a recently concluded bidding process and was submitted by Emerado, N.D., contractor Schmitz Inc.

West said his own estimate for the cost of the work was $82,500.

The shoulder of the county road, which is also known as 28th Avenue Northeast, has been sliding into the neighboring river since the beginning of June. West estimated the county spent as much as $25,000 through last summer to shore up the road as needed.

Off the road, there were two different times when the eroding conditions caused a resulting break in a sewer line servicing the city of Manvel. The break spilled raw sewage into the Turtle River, which was reported to the State Health Department.

The buttress project is intended to hold soil in place and stop the erosion process along the bank. When completed, it will stretch between the river and the road in a pile about 20 feet wide, 10 to 15 feet tall and 350 feet long.

West said four separate contractors—a group which also included Gowan Construction, R.J. Zavoral & Sons Inc. and Strata Corp.—supplied a bid after being requested to do so.

The high bid of $142,000 came in from Strata, the firm spearheading work on Columbia Road in Grand Forks.

West said he has signed a contract with Schmitz Inc. to begin the project, which has a timeline for completion set for the end of October.

Andrew Haffner

Andrew Haffner covers higher education and general assignment stories for the Grand Forks Herald. He attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where he studied journalism, political science and international studies. He previously worked at the Dickinson Press.

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