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Sex offender gets three years for shedding GPS

DETROIT LAKES, Minn - A 45-year-old Level III sex offender was sentenced on Thursday to more than three years in prison for taking off his GPS tracking bracelet one day after his release from prison, court records say.

Robert Thomas Baca was sentenced to three years and three months in prison after pleading guilty in Becker County District Court to a charge of knowingly violating registration requirements.

It's the second time Baca has run afoul of the sex offender registration law. He pleaded guilty to a similar charge in 2009 after saying he was going to move to Minneapolis but never registering there.

He'd just been released from prison on that conviction last June when he took off his tracking device.

The conviction requiring Baca to register as a sex offender was for raping a woman in Detroit Lakes, Minn., in 1996, a crime for which he served nearly 10 years in prison.