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Valley couple's classified connection canceled

Steve Hicks and his date, Pegi, shop Feb. 5 in the Moorhead Antique Mall. They reconnected through a classified ad in the Grand Forks Herald, but the couple ended their relationship after about four months. Forum file photo


You might not remember the name Steve Hicks or the object of his affection, a woman simply known as Pegi. But you probably remember their story.

Steve was the man who, at the beginning of this year, took out a classified ad in the Grand Forks Herald to find a woman he had met during a Tracy Lawrence concert at The Hub in Fargo. Oh, and he didn't even know her name, just that she might work in Crookston.

It was a long shot at a potential love connection. And it worked.

While Steve's ad sparked several prank calls from people pretending to be the right woman, Pegi eventually dialed his number - the next day. They made plans to meet in Fargo for dinner and more dancing - at The Hub, of course.

The romance between Steve and Pegi set off a minor media blitz as newspapers, television news teams and radio programs in Fargo and Grand Forks asked for access to their sweet and inspiring love story.

But while the story has the kind of simple charm that lasts forever, their relationship didn't.

Steve says the couple is no longer together. Their relationship ended after about four months.

"We just had different goals," says the man who lives in Sabin, Minn.

While he didn't want to talk about what happened, Steve did say that Pegi's a nice woman, that they had fun together, and that he has no regrets about how this touching story played out.

Of course, Pegi was part of this coupling equation. And it would be nice to hear her side of the story. But I was unable to contact her. She never did give the media her last name, and we don't have her phone number. So Pegi, if you're reading, give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Still, I like to think she'd echo Steve's statements about a peaceful end to their unique but romantic courtship.

This is partially because I do believe Steve's a sincere man. But it's also because few things kill a love story like a broken heart. It's better to believe the hearts of Steve and Pegi aren't broken but more enriched from their memorable romance.

Morast is a columnist for The Forum of Fargo-Forum, which, like the Herald, is owned by Forum Communications Co.