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June as good as any month for weddings

June has traditionally been the month for weddings, but figures from Grand Forks County records show that one month is as good as another to get married.

Couples apply for licenses at the Grand Forks County Courthouse and pay $65 in cash. And the license is good for 60 days. Judges no longer are performing weddings at the court house, but Renae Powell of the courthouse staff said there are individuals who perform weddings. In North Dakota, lay people who are ordained can officiate at weddings.

Some weddings take place in the municipal court at the Grand Forks Corrections Center.

There were 63 wedding licenses issued in June two years ago and 59 last year. The numbers were about the same through June of this year.

Ten years ago, there were 551 marriage licenses issued in Grand Forks County. The yearly number stays about the same. Five years ago in 2007, there were 508 issued here. And love must have dipped a bit when 444 were issued in 2009.

While weddings are most often held in churches, many couples prefer different settings. This year, there are 20 weddings scheduled in the Hopper Danley Spiritual Center at UND. They began in May and continue through September, according to Debbie Merrill, chapel coordinator.

Some choose city parks for their special day. So far, there are three weddings planned for University Park this season. Four couples have arranged to exchange their vows near the Japanese Gardens in Sertoma Park.

There have been two weddings in the Myra Gazebo on Belmont Road and another one coming up in July. There are three couples who plan to be married there in September and possibly two in October.

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