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25th Wedding Anniversary

25th Wedding Anniversary

Tina Marie (Anderson) and Todd Adams will celebrate 218,400 hours (25 years) of wedded bliss on December 8, 2013. Tina Marie (originally from East Grand Forks, MN) and Todd (originally from Emerado, ND) moved to Stone Mountain, GA in August of 1988. They were married on December 8, 1988 in a woodsy wedding on the 25 acre Yellow River Game Ranch near Sneville, GA. Their ceremony was held in a 125 year old log cabin located at the ranch. Instead of organ music, the ceremony was accompanied by the crowing of roosters, clucking of chickens, the honking of geese and the braying of donkeys along with 80 socialized deer nearby. Tina Marie and Todd moved back from GA in 1992 and have lived in Grand Forks, ND ever since. They have two children, Tamara (Josh) Wynn and Trent Adams along with a grandson, Gabriel Matthias Wynn. Their parents from Emerado, ND and family from East Grand Forks and Moorhead, MN, FL and IA wish them much love and a Blessed and Happy 25th Anniversary.