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Romantic wedding setting ideas

Deciding on a romantic setting for your wedding and reception can seem like a difficult task. Once you have the perfect ceremony setting booked, you can start planning your reception.

The following tips will help you decide on a memorable and romantic setting for your big day.

Discuss ideas with your partner

First, plan a discussion with your partner. You need to consider what you both find the most romantic. Find out your partner's point of view. For example, what is their most memorable holiday destination and why? Are there any places of outstanding natural beauty you both visit regularly? Are you both interested in visiting places of local historical interest?

Most couples find that they can agree on certain ideas at this stage. Aim to build on the aspects of romance you both find most important. The most memorable and romantic part of a wedding day is usually the ceremony. So once you have your ceremony setting booked, you can start planning your reception.

Choosing a setting

Some people find chapel weddings offer the most romance, while others prefer garden settings during the summer months. You can opt to have your reception in the garden or enjoy a fine dining experience while being waited on at tables inside. Many couples find that this is a cheaper option, as it combines the cost of the wedding and the reception. Once you have made your decision and your ceremony setting is booked, you can choose a reception venue.

Time of day

Discuss which time of day you are going to have your ceremony. Sunset offers unique photographic opportunities, which will capture your precious moments forever. Most of your guests will work during the day, so more people are likely to be able to attend and evening event. Weekends are an extremely popular time to get married, so wedding venues tend to become fully booked well in advance on Saturdays and Sundays.

Romantic memories

One way to create romantic memories is to choose a setting that has sentimental significance for you both. For example, you may want to get married at a location where your family has held weddings in the past. Alternatively, you may choose to tie-the-knot at a hotel where you spent time together. Whatever location you choose for taking your vows, your memories will be as unique and as romantic as your personalities.