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THE EATBEAT: Enjoying a slice on the roof at Rhombus

More than just a meal, a visit to Rhombus Guys on Kittson Avenue downtown is an adventure. For some, it’s sitting on the main floor at tables that are covered with white paper. And there are color crayons patrons can use to create some art.

There are seats at the bar. And there is seating on the second level, with more seating on the roof.

It takes 46 steps to get up to the top, where you overlook other roofs and an alley. And if you are a server carrying a tray from the kitchen in the basement, you are doing 61 steps to the top of the historic Sander Johnson building. You probably don’t go to a fitness center at the end of your shift.

While the prize-winning pizza consistently draws a full house to Rhombus Guys, the menu goes beyond. Some customers — especially at mid-day — prefer salads, wraps and paninis.

It was a grilled chicken salad ($9.99) that drew me there for lunch on a Sunday. I was eating with a friend, Sue Huus (SH). She ordered a small T-Rex pizza ($17.99) — the one that is billed as five-time winner of Grand Forks’ Best Pizza.

With SH, I shared the salad and pizza for a more than adequate meal. We had boxes going home since servings are so large.

Then, with grandchildren visiting from Pittsburgh, I went in a family group to the top of Rhombus on a beautiful, sunny August evening. There we ordered two medium-size pizzas and found them more than enough for five of us.

We enjoyed the Chicken Fajita ($19.99) that was a pleasant mix of salsa, chicken, green pepper, onion along with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The Jonny Wasabi ($21.99) was different with teriyaki sauce, chicken, onion, green pepper, red pepper, pepperoncini, peanuts and wasabi.

Seating on the rooftop with the sun going down was wonderful. It made our 20-minute wait pleasant, and we enjoyed the busy scene. Our server, Janet, was cheery and friendly.

Although it was crunchy, the Jonny Wasabi pizza would not be my choice on a second visit. For one thing, it seemed far too salty. But then, I favor the no meat pizza and chicken pies. I would go back again and again for the Four-Cheese pizza.

Rhombus Guys continues as a most popular place in downtown Grand Forks year-round. You get there early, or you wait. There is a table on the sidewalk on nice days.

Now in their 30s, the two owners started when they were 18 by putting up a building at Maple Lake that ended up looking like a rhombus. They have moved along, establishing Rhombus Guys in Grand Forks and in Fargo.

And they are considering cautiously the best way to create a brewery. It would be in the historic old Metropolitan Opera House on Third Street in downtown Grand Forks. The building has been purchased by the Rhombus Guys.

On their menus, they ponder where they will go from here. And they say they are waiting for their patrons to guide them.

Rhombus Guys

312 Kittson Ave.

Grand Forks

Telephone: 701-787-7317

Owners: Matt Winjum & Arron Hendricks

Hours: 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily

Report card: Zany and crowded, the place is popular because of pizza and other good food. Prices are upper midrange. Service is excellent and friendly, though often on the slow side. Menus are sticky.

Reach Hagerty at or by telephone at 701-772-1055.