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LORI WEBER MENKE: Supermom celebrates the ‘longest summer ever’

We are celebrating the “longest summer ever” at our house! Just to clarify, our boys are celebrating the longest summer ever. My husband, Jayson, and I are still working — we unfortunately only get to participate on weekends.

This past school year, the Grand Forks schools decided to start the school calendar year after Labor Day. This meant that summer vacation for the boys started on May 22 and will end on Sept. 2.

That’s 102 days of summer vacation. This is almost as many as Phineas and Ferb get!

Phineas and Ferb and their 104 days of summer vacation have always been a point of contention at our house. Up until this summer, the boys have only ever had around 90 days of summer vacation.

As the mother of a soon-to-be seventh-grader and a fifth grader, I have been well-informed of the injustice of this over the years. I cannot even remember ALL the conversations and complaining about the number of vacation days Phineas and Ferb get. Yes, ALL — there have been many.

For those of you who may not know who Phineas and Ferb are, they are two boys in a Disney animated cartoon who spend their summer vacation coming with all sort of grand plans, all while their sister tries to get them in trouble with their parents. It is a good show and seems to be a hit with children and parents. But somehow, the one thing my children have learned from the show is animated cartoons get more summer vacation than they do.

Years ago, my children informed me that when they are in charge, things will change. I am not sure what they are planning to be in charge of though. The school system? The United States? The world? Who knows what grand plans my two boys have, but I do know children of the future are in luck if the boys manage to get them more summer vacation.

Anyway, the point being this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for my children. This will never happen again. A bonus 10-plus days of summer vacation. Historic.

So like in the world of Phineas and Ferb, they have chosen to make the most out of their longest summer ever. They are staying up late, sleeping in late, having more friends over to hang out with than ever before, coming up with all sorts of grand plans.

I have no idea how to break it to them that the longest summer ever is about to come to an end. As of today, they only have 15 days left. I am sure it will crush them when they find out.

Our youngest has already started scheming about how to be home-schooled. I have heard more information about online schooling than I will ever need to know.

The ironic thing is my children really like school. They both have great friends and teachers, but I get it, it’s the freedom to pretty much do what you want when you want. It’s what weekends are to adults.

So Grand Forks school parents, you have 15 days left. You might secretly be glad the longest summer ever is coming to an end, but don’t tell your children; instead, do your best to make the last 15 days historic. After all it will, probably never happen again.

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Weber is a super-mother of two and multimedia manager for the Herald. She can be reached at or (701) 780-1113.