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Grand Forks couple makes plans for the future

Jenna Flatebo and Adam Crary plan to tie the knot on Aug. 2, almost exactly one year after he proposed.

With Adam living and working in St. Louis and Jenna finishing school in Grand Forks, planning a wedding has been no small task, but the pair says it's nothing they can't handle. "I've just been taking it one step at a time," Jenna says. "It makes it much less stressful that way. Don't get me wrong; there have been stressful moments, but I attribute that to the school/planning balance." The couple will wed at Zion United Methodist in Grand Forks and hold the reception at the Alerus Center. Their close friend and mentor, Brad Olson, will officiate.

"The planning process has been a breeze," Adam says. "I basically wait for Jenna to give me option A or option B and then try to guess which one she's thinking."

While Adam finds guessing Jenna's preferences the most challenging part of the process, his main contribution is planning the honeymoon. The destination and details are a surprise for Jenna, who only requires that the couple go somewhere hot.

Jenna says, as far as the wedding goes, she's most excited about finding out where they're going and seeing all of her friends and family together. "I can't wait to see how everything turns out," she says.

The couple will have a golf tournament before their wedding for their family and friends.

"It will be really fun to get together groups of friends that have never met and watch them have fun together," Adam says.

The couple will also have a photo booth at the reception and are looking into having child care available for their guests.

Jenna says a lot of their ideas come from "I love Pinterest. It helps you come up with awesome ideas and be creative." Her mother and mother-inlaw have also contributed ideas and helped with the planning process. Overall, the couple is most excited about simply being married. "I look forward to beginning this new chapter in our story," Jenna says. "I'm really looking forward to living in the same town too." Adam agrees. "I'm most looking forward to calling Jenna my wife," he says.

The proposal

On a sunny day in St. Louis at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, Adam asked Jenna to be his wife.

"I love everything about how he proposed," Jenna says. "It was perfect."

Adam took Jenna sightseeing when she came to visit him for the weekend. She says he led her through the garden talking about his favorite moments from their relationship. When they reached the end of a boardwalk, he proposed.

"I joyfully said yes," she says.

Unbeknownst to Jenna, Adam had recruited several friends she had never met, to photograph the walk, proposal and reaction.

The couple says they've always enjoyed being together and they know that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. So they "decided to take the plunge." Chemistry

Adam and Jenna met in middle school, but they say their story really begins their junior year of high school in a chemistry class. Their adjacent lab stations made it convenient to look for opportunities to ask each other for help on assignments. "There was definitely mutual attraction right away," they say. "Over the years, the attraction hasn't faded, but the friendship has grown." They dated through high school and into college. "Going to different schools was a challenge for us and we were unable to maintain a lot of the momentum generated early in our relationship," they say. Their time apart proved to strengthen their relationship when they got back together later on.

"We were able to reunite in a much more mature and healthy relationship," they say.

They think their relationship has benefitted from focusing on how they strengthen each other and what is really important.

Ultimately, they have fun together.

"He always has me laughing, which I love," Jenna says. She says she is drawn to Adam's "personality, sense of humor, and sense of adventure."

Adam says Jenna's attractive qualities increase with time.

"I think Jenna's a babe," he says. "Over the years, the more time I spend with her, the closer I'm drawn."

Future plans

The couple will live in St. Louis after the wedding. They hope to someday have at least four children and travel.

"All in all, we look forward to creating a life together -- loving, laughing, learning and growing together."