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Marilyn Hagerty: Like to worry? Today's for you

Before people went into hiding behind their cellphones, there were things to worry about. One of them was Friday the 13th. And, for those who like to worry, they can fret about it today.

Walking under a ladder was believed to bring bad luck Friday the 13th. Now it's a matter of who knows or who cares.

We move on. There's hockey with St. Lawrence UND this weekend and a meeting of fans at noon today at the Alerus. There are leaves to rake, pumpkins to harvest and apples to peel.

All Greek to me

It's hard to count them because they don't stand still. Cassie Gerhardt, associate dean of students at UND, says there are 687 women students in the seven sororities at UND. And while the numbers aren't complete, there were 639 fraternity members at UND last spring. Now, she says, it is maybe higher.

There are 13 fraternities at UND with a new colony of Alpha Sigma Pi joining in.

The Greek organizations take their lumps from time to time. But overall, they include campus leaders. And each group has a philanthropic project.

Human rights

Near the UND campus, students at Community High School have been focusing on human rights. Eileen Zygarlicke has four students who researched violations from the past and present. And they presented their findings last week.

Next up at Community will be two sessions on writing and performing poetry. Leading the way will be Minneapolis poet Joe Davis.

Students who recently presented their research on human rights are: Micaelyn Lenoir, Saralyn Metzen, Taylor Carlstedt and Nick Laschkewitsch.

Terry Bohan is principal of Community High School, and there are 80 students.

Ask Marilyn

Q. What kind of license plates have been seen around the Forks?


Q. Where is Wanda the Wasp going for the winter?

A. South, I think. She was last seen down around Hillsboro.

Bob and Cassie

Cheerful person of the week: Bob Rydell. Runner-up: Cassie Gerhardt.