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Marilyn Hagerty: Home for Homecoming

Many never knew. Others have forgotten. But there was a time when nobody was tailgating before the football games at UND.

So, back in 1993, the UND Sioux Booster Club held a contest for the best tailgaters. Those were the days long before the Alerus — when games were played in the brick stadium on campus. The first tailgaters set up shop on the parking lot.

The winners of the event were a group of friends who met when they arrived at UND in 1967. That was the year when they joined hands and hearts. They all started out living in Bek Hall.

Now they have been friends for 50 years. They have welcomed others. And many of them will be in the parade Saturday morning. The core group, and the towns from, include Barb Martinson Lunde and Clare Martinson Evans, Hampden, N.D.; Marla Zimmer Endres, Munich, N.D.; Monica Rosland Mann, Alsen, N.D.; Mary Stanghelle Coleman, Warren, Minn.; and Wanda Wolbaum Agnew, Braddock, N.D.

Saturday, the prize-winning tailgaters will be riding in the 2017 Homecoming Parade. It starts at 10 a.m. just west of the Gorecki Alumni Center and will head east down University Avenue to 25th Street.

Sioux Awards

Memories were flowing during the elegant Sioux Awards dinner Wednesday. It was the traditional beginning for homecoming. This year, there were students as guests of alumni. And the Varsity Bards were back — more wonderful than ever.

Ask Marilyn

Q. Is there a meeting of boosters today?

A. Yes, at 11:30 a.m. at the Alerus.

Q. What kind of vanity license plates have been seen around here lately?


Joanne and Jim

Still cheerful, and celebrating 60 years of marriage: Joanne Dalglish, Jim Dalglish.