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Marilyn Hagerty: Farewell, Dr. Poochigian

Dear Professor Poochigian,

I'm sorry to hear you are moving to California after your retirement this year from UND.

Time has a way of marching on and leaving us wondering about all that has happened. My late daughter, Carol, talked a lot about your philosophy class. I didn't know that she showed up at one of your classes wearing Groucho Marx glasses — complete with the big nose.

Thank you for returning those glasses to me now. You know, of course, that Carol died six years ago of that dreadful debilitating disease called ALS. But she became a successful lawyer and she often talked about your classes.

There's a flood of memories that go with you and your wife. You raised your three children here. Like many professors, you have left your mark and you will not be forgotten.

I guess this is a time for memories. The exhibit of work by Scott B. Urness continues until Sept. 28 at the North Dakota Museum of Art. Urness, who achieved national recognition for his art, was a Grand Forks Red River High School classmate of Carol.

Time marches on. Memories of the past enrich us.

I was thinking of the late Frances Kannowski and how thrilled she was when they named a park downtown by the Sorlie bridge after her. She had been a longtime superintendent of parks here in Grand Forks. And she was so excited. She called a group of friends saying, "I'm planning a picnic in my park, and you are invited."

She never dreamed that the park would become Kannowski Skate Park. But it is headed in that direction. My guess is that she would be thrilled.

Frances Kannowski was the type of woman who enjoyed the changing times. Her work with the park district lives on.

And the parks are changing color now. The wasps and bees are out for their last sting. Apples are ripe and falling off my tree in the back yard. My niece in Vermont sent me a package of poppy seeds. She wants me to sprinkle them behind the garage. She claims they will take care of themselves and blossom forth in the spring.

I know your field is philosophy and religion, Professor Poochigian. Still I wonder what you think of that.

I join your friends around Grand Forks in saying we will miss you. You are leaving a mark and a host of students who will never forget.

Your friend, Marilyn.

P.S.: I might show up here and there wearing the Groucho Marx glasses.